First Audio-Only Social Media Platform

When it comes to social media, we all usually expect a visual-based platform, whether that be IG, Pinterest, Facebook, or even LinkedIn at times. Video has been and still is one of the most visual and effective ways to market yourself or your company. Clubhouse is a 100% audio-based social media platform. As a Realtor in San Diego, if you are knowledgeable and have value to share, you’ll gain increased exposure that turn into opportunities. Whether you’re growing your team, seeking out referral partners, etc.

As of now, Clubhouse is only available for iPhone and with the number of users it currently has, it’s very likely it will blow up as one of the most used apps once it’s released for other devices. As an escrow company that is at the top of our game with innovation, we firsthand have seen the power Clubhouse can have on your business and brand awareness. Use this app to create meaningful connections, potential referral partners, nationwide investors, the list goes on by contributing to rooms with topics you care about.

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