With so many San Diego escrow companies to choose from, it can be overwhelming when searching for the right fit. Real estate transactions are oftentimes the biggest financial transaction a person experiences throughout their lifetime. The right escrow partner can make or break this experience!

Independent Status

It’s important your escrow partner is someone who can serve as a completely neutral third party, with no ties to real estate companies or mortgage firms that might influence their actions. You should always ask more questions about “in house escrow” or shared ownership arrangements.

Experience, Tools, & Security

Choosing an established escrow company with experience will play a huge role in the success of your transaction. Having knowledgeable Escrow Officers with years of experience in the San Diego real estate market will provide a sense of peace and ease.

As a paperless escrow company we offer:

  • Electronic Signatures with DocuSign
  • Digital/Cloud Storage for quick access to documents and info. regarding your file

Security is one of the most important things to consider when choosing Escrow. Make sure your Escrow Partner is SOC I II & III Certified. Contact us for additional information!
The California Department of Business Oversight can verify if an escrow company is truly independent (meaning the individual and his or her company has “met and satisfied all of the licensing requirements” set forth by California escrow law).