Learn how over 50,000 others have successfully closed with the Foundation Escrow Experience.

Why Foundation Escrow

Integrated into our community and trusted by hundreds of real estate and financial service lending professionals, our team at Foundation Escrow has made YOU the primary driver in all that we do as a business. Centered in our core values of doing business, we offer unparalleled expertise and efficiency when it comes to managing your closing process.

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someone that you can trust…..someone that will put your needs first.a timely, fast closing escrow process.

Taking the guess work out of Escrow. Prioritizing the needs of each closing.

seller protection plan

We offer our sellers a SOLID seller protection plan

Protecting yourself is important and by closing escrow with Foundation Escrow, you’ve chosen bullet-proof protection for your sale.

Our policy is for your primary home closing. Our Seller’s Protection Plan provides you with coverage for up to 180 days after your escrow closes. In the event of any inadvertent errors or omissions related to the sale of your home, you’ll be covered up to $25,000 including defense costs, which you would be legally obligated to pay in the event of a claim.