Finally, an EasyEscrow Process.

Does the escrow process conjure visions of bottomless paperwork and drawn-out frustrations? With our team of closing experts, there are no headaches and no obstacles. Experience painless, on-time closings ensuring a seamless escrow process.


We are helping to make buying & selling simple.

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Unparalleled level of experience


Escrow Experts

Closing over 50,000+ escrow transactions to date, and growing, we’ve seen it all. Let our team partner with you to get the deal done.

Real Estate Agents

You’ve worked hard to build your professional reputation. We’re here to support your business with the same white glove service you grant your clients.

Buyers & Sellers

The buying and selling process can be an emotional journey. We are in your corner from start-to-finish to make sure those emotions are not stress and anxiety—but sheer delight at how easy we make the escrow process!

Loan Officers

We know your to-do list is already endless. The last thing we want is to add unnecessary tasks and email threads to your inbox. Our meticulous mindset takes care of everything so you can focus on best serving your client base.


Still think the closing process is nerve-wracking?

Here’s how we prove people wrong every single day:

  • The escrow process involves a lot of moving parts like inspections and communication with lenders. Our rock-solid strategy stops any detail from falling through the cracks.
  • ‘Waiting to see what happens’ is not our style. Our proactive team flags issues in advance and always speaks up to represent your best interests.
  • We break down the barriers of business hours to make sure your closing sails through without delays.
  • Have questions along the way? We’re always here to make sure first-time buyers and seasoned investors get all the info you need—but never weigh you down with unnecessary details.
The Foundation Escrow Process

We join technology with the human touch.

  • We love meeting with our clients in person—when the time is right! The escrow process can yield dozens of documents, and our paperless process eliminates the busy steps of shuttling them around town for signatures. With Qualia, we give agents more time to focus on running their business and buyers and sellers more time to imagine how they’ll decorate their home.
  • No need to take time away from serving your customers to chase down closing statuses. Check the progress of all your closings over breakfast or in between showings.

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