Escrow Protection Tailor Made for Sellers

Selling your home doesn't end at the sale

In a real estate transaction, all parties are covered except for the seller. Protecting yourself is important, and by closing escrow with Foundation Escrow, you've chosen a settlement company that includes a Seller's Protection Plan. In the event of any inadvertent errors and omissions related to the sale of your home, our Seller’s Protection Plan includes coverage from $25k-$100k, including defense costs, which you would be legally obligated to pay in the event of a claim. The Seller's Protection Plan provides you coverage for up to 180 days after your escrow closes for your primary home closing. 


Protect yourself against any potential lawsuits or disclosure issues with a $25,000 coverage after the close of escrow at no upfront cost to the seller. Opt-in within 7 days of closing escrow. 


Increase your Errors & Ommissions coverage to up to $50,000 by ordering an NHD report through or 


Double your coverage for maximum protection and reduce your out-of-pocket claims expense by purchasing a CRES-Qualified Home Warranty through Fidelity, First American, or Old Republic.

Seller is responsible for paying a $2,500 deductible as a result of a covered circumstance. Review policy for a complete description of qualifications and restrictions (a copy of your SPP endorsement can be provided)

*The Seller’s E&O policy applies to the Primary Residence of the Seller and must have been occupied by the Seller within 90 days prior to the date of a completed contract.

** To file a claim there is a $2,500 retention fee (per claim and per policy).

*** Warranties and NHD must be purchased as part of the Close of Escrow. CRES version of the 13-month warranty is required for the $50,000 coverage.

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