You have enough on your plate

With showing homes and negotiating contracts.

You're constantly on-the-go, hustling between meet-and-greets with buyers and staging your next home tour. Why should an escrow company add more meetings, emails, and paperwork to your already jam-packed day?

Partnering with experts in the escrow process can make your life much easier.

We are here to help you cut down on the administrative work so you can focus on running your business. Plus, we extend the same white glove service to your customers as they've come to expect from you.

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Are you a lender or loan officer drowning in escrow to-dos? Try our refreshingly efficient escrow process.

Whether your clients are brand new to the real estate market or are seasoned investors, we go the extra mile to answer any confusing or challenging parts of escrow documentation. No more overflowing inboxes or frustrating follow-ups we take care of everything on-time so you can focus on your clients.

Easy, predictablepayments cut daily

Instantly cross out payment follow-ups from your to-do list. We cut checks daily so you get paid quickly.

No cancellation fees

We strive to make your job as easy as possible. Nothing is worse than unpredictable charges or surprise fees. With Foundation Escrow, there are never any cancellation fees if a buyer and seller cannot agree.

Technology to support your on-the-go business

Use our handy mobile app to check the real-time status of your closings between meetings. With Qualia, you'll spend less time on admin tasks and more time focusing on your clients.

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